Ishqbaaz: Bankruptcy twist to interrupt Rudra’s wedding


The family jokes on Rudra’s playboy image. They tell Rudra that he will be committed to Bhavya all his life. They ask Rudra how will he manage entire life with one girl. Dadi and everyone pull his leg. Rudra tells them that he wants some peace in his life. He realizes they are saying true. They laugh on him. He feels scared of commitment. He thinks of his marriage’s future. He has commitment phobia. He thinks of his college life and having many girlfriends in the past. Soumya and Bhavya didn’t know Rudra will get scared of marriage by their joke. Rudra wonders if he did a mistake to propose Bhavya for marriage.

Anika finds Rudra talking to a chair. She asks him did he get mad, that he is talking to a chair. She asks him if he is in much stress, if he is getting married. She tries to lessen his stress by her non-stop talk. Rudra tells her that he was talking to her, she was sitting there. Anika tells him that she is here. The girl escapes. Anika tells everyone that Rudra is losing his mind, she is feeling sorry for Bhavya’s future. Rudra tells Anika that he was really talking to her. Anika asks him to accept the mistake. They all make fun of Rudra.

He fails to prove that he has seen someone. Veer’s assasin reaches Shivay’s house again. Veer ends her to steal something important from Shivay’s safe. She gets the password and informs Veer. Omkara, Rudra and Anika fail to catch her. Tej finds her robbing the safe. Everyone doesn’t know Tej is helping Veer. Tej and Veer steal the bank account password to make Shivay bankrupt. Tej wants to make Shivay fall in Omkara and Rudra’s eyes. He plans to blame Shivay for manipulating Oberois’ wealth.


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