Kirti to take up Naira’s event responsibility in Yeh Rishta…

YRKKH Kirti and Kartik First major clash WHY

Kartik tries to wrap up the meeting and rush to see Naira’s performance. He gets delayed by the clients’ queries. He doesn’t want to stay back and answer them. Manish senses Kartik’s restlessness. Naira waits for Kartik to come. She wishes he gives his best in the meeting. She prays for Kartik and her success. Kirti tells Naira that Kartik will soon come, he will not miss her dance performance. Dadi too wishes Kartik comes on time, as she doesn’t want Naira’s big day to get spoiled. Naksh misses to see the bulldozer, which could get a big problem for them.

A guard learns about the demolition order and runs to inform Singhanias. Naitik blesses Naira. Naira and Naitik tell everyone about Akshara’s dream. Naitik feels proud that Naira has worked hard after her mum’s dreams and academy. Naira tells them that she will always have her mum’s blessings. Kartik reaches Naira before her performance, and brings a smile on her face. He wishes her all the best.

Naira tries to convey her feelings via the dance. Naira learns about the demolition, just before her performance. She can’t believe it and gets worried. Naira rushes to stop the demolition, while Kirti manages the stage by performing in Naira’s place. Kirti puts efforts to handle Naira’s responsibility. The family gets puzzled on seeing Kirti on the stage. Kartik worries for Naira. He goes to look for her. Naira gets a big shock on seeing the bulldozer approaching Akshara’s dance academy. She learns she has sent a notice from the government. She realizes the notice which Kartik was telling her about. She feels guilty to miss the important notice by her insecurities. Dadi feels Naira is irresponsible and left everything on Kirti. Naira tries her best to stop the demolition. She doesn’t want Akshara’s dreams to get destroyed.


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