Mihika expresses her hatred for Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Raman scolds Ishita for playing with his emotions. He asks her how could she hide her identity and make fun of his feelings. He asks Ishita to get out of this house. Pihu tries to stop Raman from throwing Ishita out. She asks Ishita not to leave her. Raman doesn’t believe Ishita and throws her out of the house. He insults her, without knowing the truth. Iyers get disheartened with Ishita’s insult. They don’t want Ishita to face more humiliation by Raman. Ishita fails to protect Raman from Simmi. Simmi warns Ishita to stay away from Raman, else be ready to get arrested. Romi scolds Simmi and Mihika. They have a clash. Raman holds Ishita responsible for his family’s arguments. Ishita threatens to hurt Simmi and ruin her. Simmi doesn’t care of any threatening.

Ruhi consoles Pihu. She tells Pihu that Ishita has come home for their sake, to look after Raman and them. Iyers get angry on Mihika for humiliating her sister. Ishita shares her pain with Shagun. They can’t believe Mihika can stoop so low and cheat them. Mihika counts Ishita’s mistakes.

She tells Ishita that she will know her pain when her life gets ruined. Iyers throw out Mihika from their house. Raman feels cheated by Ishita. Ruhi and Pihu acknowledge Ishita’s efforts. They take a stand for Ishita. Pihu tells Raman that she will leave with Ishita if he treats her mum badly. Raman warns Ishita against influencing his children. Ishita asks Pihu to obey Raman. Pihu asks Raman to forgive Ishita. He doesn’t listen. Simmi yells on Ishita for coming home again by using Pihu. Raman requests Ishita to leave from his house. Ishita feels tensed about Raman. Mihika and Simmi make a plan to get Raman remarried, so that Ishita’s life gets ruined. Mihika tells Simmi that Raman may agree for remarriage for Pihu’s sake. Simmi cooks up a story and makes Raman emotional. She asks him to get remarried for Pihu’s sake. Raman gets left speechless.


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