Shivay to lose all; A new saga to begin in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay has hidden Tej’s heart attack from the family. Even then, Anika learns Tej’s drama. Tej tells Shivay that he has filled poison in his sons’ mind, after all he is also a fatherly figure for his sons. He scolds Shivay for snatching his sons from him. He accuses Shivay for separating his sons to the extent of ending ties. Shivay tells Tej that he has never taken away anything, but lived a life with them to keep relations in the best way possible. He justifies his relations to Tej. He tells Tej that he has just done a duty of an elder brother. He just wants to guide them in their life journey across sorrow, happiness and unseen problems. Tej asks Shivay not to badly influence his sons. Anika gets disheartened knowing Tej’s hatred for Shivay.

She pleads him not to spoil the brother’s happiness by his hatred. Anika tells Tej that Shivay didn’t reveal anything to her just to keep elders’ respect in her eyes. She asks him to end his bitterness and accept Shivay.

She defends Shivay and his relation with his brothers. She begs Tej to forgive Shivay and make them live happily, after all they complete each other. Tej doesn’t listen to Anika. Tej decides to leave with his sons. He feels his drama has succeeded. He doesn’t know that his sons have overheard his bitter words and drama. Shivay tells Tej that he can never separate his brothers from him. Shivay asks his brothers to leave with Tej. Omkara and Rudra refuse to go with Tej. They confront Tej for his heart attack drama.

Omkara finds Tej disgusting. He asks Tej can’t he change ever. Omkara insults Tej for his move to separate the brothers. Omkara and Rudra tell Shivay that they love him a lot, since he has earned their love. They pay the due respect to Shivay by giving him father’s place in their lives. Shivay turns too emotional by their gesture. Omkara tells Shivay that he has always been a fatherly figure for them. The brothers have a union. Shivay tells them that he has all the right on them. He requests them to go with Tej, at least to keep the family peace. Omkara and Rudra agree to Shivay’s request. Shivay makes a promise of lifetime unity. Tej gets enough of the brothers’ emotional saga. Shivay feels bad that Tej left annoyed. Dadi cheers up Shivay. Soumya joins Oberois for Rudra’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Veer finds Shivay staying firm against all odds. He finds a new way to break down Shivay. Veer hires few men to trouble Shivay by targeting his new business. He makes the men burn the construction site. Veer tells Tej that Shivay will face all the major troubles in his life. He wants to snatch everything from Shivay. He makes a plan to snatch Oberoi title from Shivay, which will lead Shivay to sink in miseries. Veer shares his plan with Tej. He decides to destroy Shivay by ruining his wealth. Tej likes his plans. Veer tells Tej that Shivay will himself send away his family when he is left with nothing. Shivay gets a huge shock seeing his business venture burnt to ashes. He doesn’t know who is making his life so challenging. Shivay’s new journey is soon going to begin.


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