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Udaan: Suraj helps Chakor. They have an argument. Chakor tries hard to end their gap. She tells Suraj that she is keeping a fast. She asks him to feed her water. He advises her to have food. He tells her that its not good if she stays hungry. She keeps her condition again. She asks him to feed the food to her with love. He asks her why is she getting so many demands, he will not listen to her. She gets adamant. She insists him to come at the lake side and break her fast. She wants to have dinner with him, but couldn’t invite him directly. He asks her to go and better die for once and all. He gets irritated by her tantrums.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik proves his capabilities by doing his best in the important meeting. Naira finishes her dance performance with grace. Naira and Kartik have a misunderstanding. Naira reaches Kartik to apologize to him for her weird behavior. Naira explains him what led her to get distant from him. They sort out their differences.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti gets to know JD’s true face. She faces much humiliation. JD tells Pankti that he will never lose her, she will always be of him. Pankti cries out her pain. JD tells her that he has sent Ahaan away and now he will make sure that Ahaan and Pankti never unite. Pankti tells him that this time true love will win and he will bite the dust. Manav learns the big truth that JD is really wicked and Ahaan was right about JD’s bad character. He learns JD is the man who bought Pankti from Anita. He gets moved by his brother’s shocking secret.


Harman and Soumya’s life gets to a stable phase again. They get rid of Maharani and Mohini. Harman romances Soumya. They have a cute moment. Soumya asks Harman not to trouble her. Harman tells her that everything is getting fine in their family, and its time they should focus on their relation. He tells her how much he missed to spend time with her. He relieves her stress by a foot massage. He tells her that he really worships her, and till they are together, they can solve any problem. Elsewhere, Varun requests Surbhi to make Chole Bhature. They have a fight. Surbhi wants to teach him a lesson by adding much chilli in the dish.


Anika finds Rudra talking to a chair. She asks him did he get mad, that he is talking to a chair. She asks him if he is in much stress, if he is getting married. She tries to lessen his stress by her non-stop talk. Rudra tells her that he was talking to her, she was sitting there. Anika tells him that she is here. The girl escapes. Anika tells everyone that Rudra is losing his mind, she is feeling sorry for Bhavya’s future. Rudra tells Anika that he was really talking to her. Anika asks him to accept the mistake. They all make fun of Rudra.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Kanhaiya gets emotional when he finds some kids clothes and photos in Badimaa/Sandhya’s room. He relates to the memories. Badimaa sees him spying again and gets angry on him. He lies to her so that she doesn’t misunderstand his intentions. She asks him to leave from her room. He learns Rocky and Maya’s planning to trap Daali and enter the family. They both want Janki’s property. Janki gets busy in Daali’s Swayamvar arrangements. Kanahaiya informs Rocky about the Swayamvar. He invites Rocky and assures to help him win Daali. Kanhaiya then asks Daali not to accept Rocky’s proposal, as he isn’t a nice guy. Rocky gets confident of winning if Kanhaiya is supporting him. Janki insists Daali to meet the selected guys in her Swayamvar. She refuses to settle down.


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