Durga succeeds to conceal Gayatri’s past in Meri Durga

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Durga wants to stop Sanjay from knowing Jassi’s past. She reaches the academy in disguise. She finds Sanjay already there. Sanjay searches for the file holding Jassi’s truth. She tries to get the same file before Sanjay. Durga hides her identity from Sanjay. Durga gets Jassi’s file. She removes the documents holding Jassi’s dark truth. Sanjay gets the file but fails to know the reason behind the ban on Jassi’s career. Sanjay learns the half truth. Durga tells Gayatri that she has changed the real documents.

She assures that Sanjay won’t know the truth. Sanjay gets angered on Gayatri’s lies. He gets into believing Durga more. He decides to mock a suicide to make Gayatri and Durga reveal the truth to him.

Madhav returns in Amrita’s life with a different identity. He aims to get Umang, being fed with some misunderstandings in his mind. Madhav spoils Amrita’s outing plan with Umang. She tries to make Umang happy the other way. She prepares food for Umang. He refuses to have it. He gets upset with her. Madhav asks Amrita to treat Umang with love. He bonds with Umang and gets happiness. Amrita gets surprised that Umang is bonding with a stranger. Madhav plays with Umang. He doesn’t want his secret to come out.


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