Neil and Avni to lose Neela forever in Naamkarann


Vidyut and his goons invade Neil’s house and spoil Neil and Avni’s happiness. The family gets tensed when the goons attack them. The goons target Avni. Avni doesn’t get scared and encourages the family to fight back. She beats the goons. She doesn’t want Vidyut to win again. The goon shoots at her leg. Avni doesn’t turn helpless even when she gets shot. Avni is strong enough to fight back. Neil and Vidyut have a fight again. Avni tries to save everyone from Vidyut. Neil saves Shweta from Vidyut.

He gets angry on Vidyut. Goon tries to kidnap Avni, while Neil is busy saving his family. Avni protects herself. She doesn’t care for her life, and tries to save Mishti. Avni reaches Mishti and DD. She sends a message for Neil. Neela gets shot during the fight. Neela will be leaving the family forever. Vidyut will snatch Avni’s mum, as Avni and Neil had snatched his mum by their tricks. Neela’s death will call for big twists. There will be major drama to tackle Vidyut.


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