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Shivay gets inspired to begin on an even footing in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay gets broken down seeing the construction site burning. He doesn’t understand who is playing the dirty game with him. He feels he is losing out everything. He is unknown to his new enemy. He doesn’t think its someone’s conspiracy. Anika calls him. He hides the matter. Anika and Rudra tell Shivay about their plans for organizing functions. Shivay promises to do everything as Rudra wants. He gets devastated with the thought of bad happenings lined for him. Shivay holds on his emotions. He talks to Shakti and gets encouraged by his speech. Shakti shows his belief in Shivay. He tells Shivay that everything will get fine with time and his son is capable to set everything right. Shivay shares his pain.

He tells Shakti that things aren’t getting fine even when he is making all the possible attempts. Shakti tells Shivay that he can never go wrong. He calls Shivay his pride. He inspires him by Lord Ram’s life journey. He tells Shivay that very soon he will be back home and the entire family will rejoice with his return.

He asks Shivay to be strong and face the challenges posed by fate. Shivay promises to do his best and tackle the problems. Shivay has to make his family proud.

Veer feels Shivay has lost everything. He tells Tej that this is a shattering moment for Shivay, which will change his entire life. Tej doesn’t think Shivay will lose out so soon. Shivay tries to claim the insurance money. He doesn’t find the things getting easy. Tej laughs on Shivay’s miseries. Shivay gets worried seeing the delay occurring to settle insurance claim. Anika asks him about the problem. Shivay hides the disaster from her.

Veer asks Tej to provide Shivay’s bank credentials so that they can ruin him completely. Tej reveals Shivay’s credentials are written in a diary, stored in his safe. Tej and Veer hire Lily for the task. They send Lily to Shivay’s house and guide her in stealing the diary. Anika tells Shivay about the expenses. Shivay asks her to go ahead and buy the jewelry for Bhavya. He doesn’t want his family’s happiness to get down.

Lily hides from the family and reaches Shivay’s bedroom. She finds the safe and cracks the code to get her hands on the diary. She manages to steal the information. Lily gets hit by a box and faints. Tej tries to get her out of Shivay’s sight. Tej ends his number from Lily’s phone.

Anika and family joke on Rudra’s commitment phobia. Rudra doesn’t think of committing to a girl for his entire life. He leaves the discussion midway. Shivay asks Rudra what’s bothering him. Rudra tells Shivay that he is scared of the thought that he will live with one person for his entire life. Shivay explains him that love is beautiful and it happens with just one special one. Shivay puts some sense in his mind. Rudra realizes his love for Bhavya again. Shivay asks him not to get silly thoughts in mind that spoils his happiness.


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