Avni bids a painful adieu to Neela in Naamkarann

Naamkarann serial

Vidyut gets hell bent to take revenge from Neil. He couldn’t control his obsession for Avni, which made him all in the big trouble. He vows to destroy Neil’s life. Vidyut reaches Neil’s house. He overhears some men talking about Rocky’s photo shoot happening. Vidyut disguises himself as a photographer. He enters the celebrations to break out a havoc. Avni and Neil enjoy their love assurances, when they find Vidyut in their house.

Avni loses an integral part of her life. Avni sheds tears for Neela’s loss. Avni didn’t imagine Neela will leave her. She gets depressed. She feels she has turned into an orphan again. She recalls her life and identity given to her by Neela, after Aisha and Ashish’s death. Avni breaks down during Neela’s final rites. Neil consoles Avni. Avni sees her childhood avatar and gets courage by her.


Avni got raised by Neela. She slips in trauma over Neela’s murder. Avni feels guilty that Neela died because of her. She doesn’t know what to do. She can’t forget the bitter wound Vidyut has given her. Avni never wished Neela to suffer because of her.

Avni does the final rites rituals and bids a farewell to Neela by giving fire to the pyre. She couldn’t get strength to send her Neela forever. She unwillingly sends Neela. Avni cries out the pain. She tells Neil that she is really a destruction for her loved ones, she is much unlucky for everyone related to her. She feels Neela has died because of her fate. Avni shatters. Neil and his family try to console Avni.


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