Shakti Harman to return for his Gulabo

Harman to stand by his unique perception in Shakti

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Few kinners come to Singh house and meet Soumya. They try to trouble Soumya again. The kinners tell Soumya about the puja they did to pray that they doesn’t get born as kinner in next birth. The kinner says we pray to get born like you people and stay among you, we have to get nek and blessings from people, so we visit many houses. Shanno argues with them. Shanno doesn’t want the family’s name to get spoiled. She tries to cover up Soumya’s truth. The kinners tell the significance of the puja.

Harman’s thinking is completely different. He tells them that its not a sin to be a kinner, why are they ashamed to be a kinner. The lady says you are not understanding us, as you are a normal being. He asks them will they spend this birth in cursing the Lord. He argues with them and saves Soumya. Harman doesn’t want Soumya to get stressed. Harman sends the kinners. Preeto will also keep a similar puja for Soumya. The kinners hurt Harman’s sentiments by their harsh comments. Harak takes a stand for his son and scolds the kinners for bad mouthing about his son. Harak gives nek to the kinners and send them away. There will be a big drama because of Soumya’s identity.

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