Kartik fears to lose Naira in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Naira gracefully finishes her performance. She misses Kartik. The family worries for Kartik’s absence. Naira runs after Kartik to apologize to her. Priyanka tells Goenkas that she won’t come to stay with them, as she has much work. Aryan tells the family about Naira’s bravery. Dadi tells Singhanias that Naira and Kartik shouldn’t risk their lives. Naira apologizes to Kartik. He doesn’t feel like forgiving her so soon. She tries hard. He avoids her by a work excuse. The family praises Kirti and Naira for their brilliant performances.

Priyanka requests Naitik to reveal the matter to his family. Kirti overhears them and worries about the hidden matter. Dadi gifts a special surprise to Naira. She gives her bangles as well as land documents. She tells Naira that Manish bought the land so that they can expand the dance academy. Naira likes the pleasant surprise. Dadi praises her for managing Kartik’s meeting issue well. She tells her that she loves Kartik more, but wants both of them to be happy. Naira gets happy that Dadi understands her.

Naksh gifts Kirti and makes her feel special. She pulls his leg. They have a moment, which breaks by Baisa’s entry. Meanwhile, Kartik stays upset with Naira. She gives him time to forget the matter himself. She believes nothing can separate Kartik and her. Naitik sends a cute cake for Kartik and Naira. They get surprised seeing the thoughtful cake of a tigress and frog. The clients ask Kartik if there is any story behind the interesting cake. Naitik’s attempt to bring Kartik and Naira closer succeeds to some extent. Dadi observes the tension between Kartik and Naira. She tries to talk to them. Naira apologizes to Kartik for her foolishness. Kartik makes her understand his fear of losing her.


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