Sanjay feels guilty over one-sided beliefs in Meri Durga


Sanjay confronts Gayatri for her past. He reveals to the family that Gayatri is a top athlete of her times, she is Jassi who didn’t let the world know her identity. Neelkant asks Gayatri to answer them, if Sanjay is saying true. Sanjay proves himself. He scolds Gayatri for cheating them. He tells them Gayatri’s shameful past. He demands an answer from Gayatri. He reprimands Gayatri and Durga for hiding the truth from him and not keeping any trust between them. He tells them that their love doesn’t matter to him from now on. Sanjay stabs himself right in front of them.

Gayatri, Durga and entire family worry for Sanjay. Gayatri scolds Durga for breaking her promise and telling her truth to Sanjay. Durga clears out that she didn’t say anything to Sanjay. Sanjay continues his drama to uncover the secret. He emotionally blackmails Gayatri, into making her admit the truth. Gayatri admits that she has framed Durga in the drugs case. Sanjay gets disheartened knowing his mum’s ugly side.

He loses all the faith in his parents. He tells her that he has done everything to know Durga’s innocence. He learns the complete truth, which shatters his heart. He ends ties with Gayatri. He feels sorry to do wrong with Durga. He starts sinking in guilt. He apologizes to Durga for not keeping relations well. He asks her to leave him. Durga tries to calm him. He burns in repentance. Durga forgives him for trusting his parents.


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