A special date to trigger Suraj’s memories in Udaan


Chakor plans a special date with a big motive. She wears Suraj’s favorite dress and sets up the place in the same way as their previous date. She hopes to remind Suraj the past. She gives him the jacket and reminds that the jacket is a sign of their friendship. Suraj accepts the gift. He wears the jacket and thanks her. Suraj gets bits of flashes of the past. He identifies the place. He tells her that he feels he has seen the place before. Chakor tells him that they have come at the same place five years ago.

She tells him that she wanted to spend the evening with her new friend. She says you always stay busy in work, I wanted to invite you for dinner. She tells him that she has proposed him at this place. She proposes him again in the same way. She gives him a rose and confesses love. Suraj asks her why is he doing this, he has having an ache when he is trying to recall. He tries to get away from Chakor, but fails. Suraj terrifies by about the memory flashes. Suraj hurries to finish the food and leave, so that she doesn’t get upset.

Suraj tells her that Imli and Ranvijay are everything for him, he can’t cheat them. He throws the jacket and scolds Chakor. He says I will ruin these decorations by setting fire. He warns her to stay away. Suraj makes a leave, while Imli gets happy seeing his loyalty again. Ranvijay got Imli at that place to show Suraj and Chakor’s romance. He fails in his move when Suraj prefers loyalty over love. Imli asks Ranvijay not to make her against Suraj again.


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