Adhiraj learns Anami’s defining decision in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

anami and Adhiraj

Satrupa plans for Anami’s birthday. She reminisces Vatsalya and gets emotional. Adhiraj gets relieved after confessing love to Anami. He keeps thinking of her and enjoys the being in love feel. Anami gets in a dilemma. She fears to lose his friendship. Adhiraj waits for Anami’s reply. He doesn’t care for Dheeru and Satrupa’s opinions. Anami tries to know about Adhiraj’s feelings further. She doesn’t know what to reply him. Satrupa and Dadi see Vatsalya in Anami. They relieve Anami’s stress.

Anami doesn’t share Adhiraj’s matter with them. Dadi understands something is worrying Anami. She tries to talk to Anami. She asks Anami if she is in love that she is making silly mistakes. Dadi tells her that she has gone through the same phase like everyone else. She tries to direct Anami. She suggests Anami to take some time before taking any big defining decision.

She tells Anami that she can control her anxiety and think of her next step well. Anami thanks her. Adhiraj can’t wait to get an approval from Anami. Anami calls him to give a reply. She tells Adhiraj that she likes him as a friend, but never thought of loving him. She thanks him for doing many favors on him. Adhiraj tells her that his love made him help her, but he didn’t mean to do any favor. She doesn’t want to take any decision hastily. She tells him that she needs time to think well. She expresses her confusion to Adhiraj. She doesn’t reciprocate his love. Adhiraj gets heartbroken. Meanwhile, Satrupa worries for Sudha’s planning against her. She asks her aide to do something and void Sudha’s moves.


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