Anushka to celebrate Balwant’s death in Laado 2


Anushka plays dhol and celebrates Balwant’s death. She enters the mourning ceremony of Balwant Choudhary, while playing a dhol to cheer. Yuvraaj and his family get furious at her. Anushka has lost Amma ji. Anushka is happy that Amma ji’s murderer is dead. She has much anger in eyes. She doesn’t get scared of Balwant’s family. Yuvraaj asks her to stop the dhol. She tells him that she has lost Amma ji and now he has lot his Tau ji, scores got even. She gets focussed to take revenge. She insults Tai ji. She gives it back to them.

She gets humiliating Yuvraaj. She threatens to ruin their lives. Yuvraaj throws out Anushka from the house. Anushka gives a bitter impact on them. Anushka declares an open war. She doesn’t leave the house. She captures Yuvraaj’s life, happiness and the house. She makes Yuvraaj out of their room. She tells him that he is not permitted to come inside her room. She throws him out to trouble him more.

Anushka meets Saroja to do Amma ji’s Tervi puja. She tells them that she will never meet them from now on. She then keeps a puja for Amma ji in Yuvraaj’s house. She asks Yuvraaj does he still hate Amma ji after killing her. She asks Yuvraaj to help her complete the puja. Anushka mourns for Amma ji. She cooks a kheer to distribute as prasad to everyone for Amma ji’s soul peace. Yuvraaj and Rantej refuse to have the kheer. Tai ji makes them have the food prepared by Anushka. Anushka will not leave the culprits so soon. She plans to torture Yuvraaj.


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