Harman takes a decision to support Soumya in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Soumya and Harman have a sweet moment when they pillow fight. Harman makes Soumya happy. Soumya wants to fulfill her love vows. Soumya tries to step out of the house and attend the kinner puja, so that she can take birth as a normal human in next birth. She believes the puja can help her. Soumya attends the puja with the kinners. She wants Harman’s love in her next birth. She comes back home and gets questioned by Shanno. Harman learns this and tells everyone that he will accept Soumya even if she is a kinner.

He decides that Soumya will work with him in his office. He wants Soumya to become independent and confident. Harman supports Soumya. His announcement gets praised by Preeto. Harman’s sentiments get hurt because of Soumya.

He tells her that he is much upset when the kinners taunted them. He respects kinners and stayed in their house to help them. He didn’t knew they will raise a doubt on his character and hurt his heart. He gets enraged by the bad remark. He vents out frustration in front of Soumya. She tries to pacify him. Preeto asks Harman not to think of anyone’s words, since outsiders don’t matter to them. She tells him that family is supportive of him, and that’s what matters.

Preeto and Harak do a morning aarti. Harman tells the family that he is taking Soumya to the office. Harman gets ready for office. He asks Soumya to stop thinking about kinners’ puja. He wants her to forget everything and focus on making a new identity in the business world. He tells her that he loves his Gulabo and he will prove she is the best in the world. He diverts Soumya’s mind.

He tells Preeto that Soumya will go with him so that she can learn new things. Preeto says it will be good, as Soumya can teach new things to Harman. Raavi and Shanno get upset. They call Harman a wife’s puppet. Harman tells them that they aren’t the house maids, they are not asking them to work in kitchen. He says Soumya and I will help you in kitchen duties as well. Harman wants to encourage the women. Shanno gets insulted by her husband. Shanno will plan a new plan against Soumya.


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