Naren to conspire Pooja’s kidnapping in Piyaa Albela


Naren divides the house when Pooja asks for her share. Naren insults Pooja. Chandrika couldn’t see Pooja’s insult. She decides to leave the house. Pooja stops her. She tells Chandrika that she is doing everything to make Naren emotional again. Naren saves Pooja from some goons. Naren beats the goons in a heroic style. He can’t let Pooja fall in any trouble. While he drops her home and leaves, Pooja gets kidnapped. Naren learns about her kidnapping. Pooja wanted to find the fake couple’s truth. Naren sheds tears in Pooja’s memory. He doesn’t want to lose Pooja. It all turns out to be Naren’s drama.

Pooja realizes Naren has conspired her kidnapping. She learns Naren’s madness. Naren troubles her. He wants to make her realize that Chandrika has injured Supriya. He express his hatred towards Chandrika. He then feeds the food to her. Pooja tells him that if he will feed the food to her every day, she is ready to get kidnapped always.

After Naren gets distanced, she struggles to get free. She wants to inform Dada ji that she is fine. Pooja bears everything as Naren doesn’t know the complete truth about Chandrika. She wants to save Naren and his family from Rahul and Naina. The place catches fire. Naren saves Pooja from the fire. Naren curses himself. He gets emotional for the first time. He hurts himself to punish for his deeds. Naren tells her that he misses Supriya. Doctor has told Naren that Supriya may need a wheelchair and medical help for her entire life, she may never recover. Naren wants Pooja and Supriya back in his life.


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