Nimki to face the real side of Singh family in Nimki Mukhiya


Nimki and Anaro’s fights begin. Nimki learns the big planning of the family to get her married to Babbu. Nimki doesn’t think anything. She tells Anaro that she understands her anger on his son’s love marriage. Anaro doesn’t want to accept her as the daughter-in-law. Nimki doesn’t get afraid of her in-laws’ partiality. Nimki opposes Anaro with a sweet take. Nimki comes home for Pagphere.

She tells the family about her rich in-laws. She describes the lavish house and comforts. She hides the bad behavior by Anaro and Babbu. She lies to the family for their happiness. The relatives don’t believe her. Nimki convinces them by the big lies. Nimki’s dad gets happy seeing her happiness. Nimki wants to make her place in her in-laws’ hearts.


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