Shiv to fail Vyom’s plannings in Ek Deewana Tha

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Rati learns Vyom’s bad truth. Vyom plays a trick and risks Rati’s daughter Avni’s life to threaten. He wants Rati to hide his secret. Shiv and Sharanya reach there. Shiv saves the little girl, who happens to see him and communicate. Shiv becomes her friend. Rati asks Sharanya not to ask anything. Rati gets scared to reveal Vyom’s name. Sharanya asks Rati did Vyom get Avni here. Rati lies. She wants to take Avni home. Sharanya says you are still supporting Vyom. Rati is glad that Avni is safe.

Vyom’s mom Madhavi confronts him on the way. Vyom lies to her that he left Avni to the hospital. He argues over Rati’s learning the truth. His mom scolds him for stooping so low. He blames her for her crimes done in the past. He accuses her for everything. She has always hidden his mistakes. She didn’t know he can kidnap a little girl for his motives. She wants to save Avni.

Rajan’s love for his son made him support Vyom’s madness. Rajan feels punished by Vyom’s sins. Vyom justifies why he has killed his uncle. He tells Rajan that his brother didn’t deserve to life. Rajan feels Vyom is really losing it. He regrets to hide Vyom’s mistakes which encouraged him to commit more crimes. Vyom is happy to threaten his mom and dad about their past crimes. Rajan is worried for Vyom’s future.







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