Vidyut to play a new proposal drama for Avni in Naamkarann


Avni feels lonely after Neela’s death. She is much disturbed. Neil stays with her all the time. He finds her worried. He sings Neela’s lullaby for Avni. Avni sheds tears. Neil comforts her emotionally. They have a moment. Neil makes Avni sleep. She dreams of Neela and Aisha. She wakes up terrified. Neil cries finding her disturbed. She sees Neil awake and sitting by her side. She feels lucky to get him. She thanks him for coming in her life. Neil wonders if Neela got shot by him. Avni shows her belief in Neil. Neil promises to get justice for Neela. He tells Avni that he will find the culprit and get him punished.

Vidyut calls Avni for a meeting. Avni gets enraged over Neela’s death. She goes to meet Vidyut to teach him a lesson. Vidyut confesses love to Avni. He tells her that he ha done everything for her, if she accepts his love, he will forgive Neil and his family. She asks him what is he saying. He then takes her to show her a play.

Vidyut presents a play and reveals that night’s happenings. He reveals that Prakash has shot Neela unknowingly. He threatens to send Prakash behind bars for Neela’s murder. He tells her that Neil will be trapped when he has to choose any one of law and family. He asks her will she let Neil get into the old dilemma again. Avni learns the big truth, which leaves her shattered. Vidyut proposes her for marriage. He wants Avni at any cost. He tells her that her decision will set or destroy her in-laws’ happiness. Avni gets stuck in a huge dilemma.


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