Avni to help Neil in his interrogation in Naamkarann


Police finds the man who sells off the gun to Vidyut. Neil interrogates the man. Neil and Avni want to know if Vidyut shot Neela and cleverly framing Neil and his family into the crime, just like Vidyut trapped Avni in Juhi’s murder case. Neil suspects Vidyut to be involved in the crime. Neil tries to get positive results from the interrogation. Neil gets angered when the man doesn’t give any details. Avni then turns into an inspector and interrogates the man. She fakes an identity. She wants an answer from the man. She threatens to kill him. She scares the man and makes the man accept the truth.

The man admits his crimes. Avni scares him more than Neil. She succeeds to fulfill her motive. The man doesn’t want Vidyut to kill him. He tells her that he knows he can’t escape from police, he doesn’t want to run all his life. He tells Avni that he has sold the gun to Vidyut. Neil and commissioner ask Avni why did she use police uniform and ID, without permission, even when she had good intentions, her move is wrong. Neil then learns Avni had done his work. Avni tells them that she has made the person admit his crime. Avni asks Neil to find out the next step of trapping Vidyut.


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