Imli brainwashes Suraj to instill hatred in Udaan


Imli and Ranvijay play a trick to fill poison in Suraj’s mind. They tell wrong things about Chakor. Imli wants Suraj to hate Chakor. Suraj is taken to the room where he finds his childhood memories. Ranvijay tells him a fake story. He shows Chakor in bad light. He projects Imli as a savior. He tells Suraj that Chakor has killed his father. Suraj doesn’t remember anything. Suraj says if I remember how Chakor tortured my father, I will kill her, but I can’t do this, my hands are tied, I want Imli’s permission. Ranvijay asks Suraj not to worry and just kill Chakor, he will make Imli permit him. He tells Suraj that Chakor has ruined his parents’ lives.

He asks Suraj to sit inside his dad’s room and recall things. He tells Suraj that he should kill Chakor the way she killed his dad. He locks Suraj and goes. Suraj asks Ranvijay to let him out. Suraj reaches Imli with his confused state of mind. He asks her to clear his confusion.

He tells her that he wants to recover the memories and know some secrets. He says the few memories is troubling me a lot. Imli takes the fake story ahead. She shows Bhaiya ji’s picture to Suraj. She tells him that Chakor has killed his dad, who was a noble man. Suraj gets brainwashed by them. Suraj believes their lie. He decides to break friendship with Chakor. He wants to take revenge from Chakor.


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