Ishita gets helpless to accept defeat in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita is asked to leave from Bhalla house. Aaliya gets scared of Parmeet. Ishita stays back with Aaliya, who asks Raman not to leave Ishita ever. Aaliya tells them that they are made for each other. Raman doesn’t understand her words. Raman and Ishita take care of Aaliya. Parmeet and Simmi worry that Raman and Ishita are getting closer. Raman reprimands Ishita for using Aaliya to come in his life. He asks her not to take advantage of Aaliya’s weak state. Ishita doesn’t react and decides to teach a lesson to Simmi, who fed the nonsense in his mind.

Mani meets Ishita and asks her about Aaliya’s suicide attempt. He wants to know the reason behind Aaliya’s step. Ishita doesn’t reveal anything to him. Mani warns her against meeting Aaliya. He holds her responsible for Aaliya’s troubles. Even Raman gets against Ishita. She gets heartbroken that she is losing her loved ones. She decides to save Aaliya first. She tries to reach the place and erase the evidences against Aaliya.

Parmeet gathers the evidence and blackmails Ishita. She gives up for Aaliya’s sake and meets him to sign the divorce papers. Simmi tells Ishita that they have won again. They compel Ishita to end her relation with Raman. Ishita unwilling signs the divorce papers to save Aaliya from the mess. Ishita feels she has lost everything in her life. She tells her family that she has signed the divorce papers and freed Raman. She tells how Simmi and Parmeet have defeated her. She wants to protect her children. She doesn’t reveal Aaliya’s crime to anyone. Parmeet rejoices to fool Ishita by the false case and get her signs. Simmi reveals the good news to Mihika. Simmi and Mihika turn Iyers jealous. Ishita gets angry on Mihika’s wedding invitation.


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