Satrupa to convince Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Lal Mahal prepares for Anami’s birthday. Dada ji wants everything to be perfect. He asks Satrupa to make sure that Anami doesn’t feel anything bad. Satrupa tells them that Anami may not celebrate her birthday, since she has lost her foster parents. Anami refuses to celebrate her birthday. She tells them that she never celebrated birthdays in her life. Satrupa tries to convince her. She tells Anami about Vatsalya’s wish to celebrate birthday with his sister. Anami tells her that she has bitter memories of her birth, as she was abandoned by her mother. Satrupa asks her to trust her, she has given her away just to save her life. She feels sorrowful that she has lost Vatsalya even after making such a big sacrifice. She asks Anami to give them a chance to make a new start.

Adhiraj shares Anami’s decision with his sister. She tells him that girls are different, they take time to think of their future and decide. She asks him to give some time to Anami, who will always remain his friend. She explains that girls can’t turn from friend into a lover in some time. She asks him to have hope, Anami will surely love him.

Adhiraj gets relieved after talking to her. He arranges a call between Anami and Madhu. Anami rejoices talking to Madhu over phone. Madhu wishes her the best for her birthday. She asks Anami to stay happy in her life. Adhiraj looks for the gift he had bought for Anami.

Anami feels Vatsalya around her and gets his best wishes. The twins celebrate their birthday together. Anami misses him. She wishes he was really with her. Anami gets emotional while conversing with Dadi. Dadi gifts her some beautiful memories. Dada ji blesses Anami, considering her as his new friend. Anami gets convinced to celebrate her birthday in Lal Mahal. Sudha finds a chance to spoil the celebrations. She plans to become part of the party to ruin Satrupa’s peace. She threatens Satrupa about the recording, which she will gift Anami on her birthday. Satrupa feels scared to lose Anami.


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