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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre: Devi and Virat don’t think of other’s perception. They stay carefree and run around. Adhiraj gets angry seeing them. He reminds his warnings to Virat. He asks Devi not to talk in between. Virat asks Adhiraj does anyone doubt on wife like this. He taunts Adhiraj for his weak trust. Adhiraj doesn’t want anyone to get close to Devi. Devi explains Adhiraj that they did a mistake, they have slipped accidentally. Adhiraj explains them their culture and customs. Devi asks Adhiraj to understand her first, and not react impulsively. Maasa ignites the spark between them. They tries to stop their marriage. Maasa is using Virat against Devi.

Udaan: Chakor cooks food for Suraj. She dreams of Suraj. She recalls the moments spent with Suraj. Suraj tells her that even if she is a marathon runner, he will always catch hold of her, as she can never go away from him. They both have romance. She asks him to praise her qualities. He says its the tough thing for any husband. She says I know this well, husbands can’t speak the truth. Suraj laughs talking to her. Chakor’s dream doesn’t turn into reality.

Satya convinces Susheel for marriage. Even though he is not happy or willing to marry her, he gets helpless because of the family. They show attitude towards each other. Satya gets compelled to do all the rituals. They take the wedding rounds. Satya and Susheel recite the seven vows. Satya and Susheel get married. They want to take revenge. Susheel learns he doesn’t love her. Satya is marrying her on Leela’s orders. Susheel misses Mehul. She cries that Mehul was forced to stay away from the marriage. Satya and Susheel will have a clash. Leela blesses them. Satya and Susheel don’t know how much they are aware of the family enmity. They both aren’t happy. They know the incomplete truth about Leela and Kiran.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma and Kanak return home after exposing Maasi and Aditya’s crimes. Kanak proves Uma’s innocence to the world. They start a new life. Kanak gets happy to support him in his new work. Uma plans to start his pharmaceutical company. Uma drops Kanak at Bhabho’s place. He asks Kanak to stay with her family till he comes back. Bhabho blesses them. Uma wants to work hard and succeed in his goals. He asks them to give him some time till he proves himself. Uma tells Bhabho that he is leaving Kanak with her, and promises to marry Kanak again. Kanak gives a makeover to Uma. They look ahead to a prosperous and peaceful life.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash gets heartbroken after Falguni rejects his love for marrying a rich guy. Falguni hides her sorrow from Niyati. Niyati learns about Falguni and Suyash’s marriage. She tries to inform Suresh driver about Falguni’s helplessness, so that he can convince Falguni to change her decision. She knows Falguni loves Suresh. Falguni makes her take an oath. She stops Niyati from revealing anything to Suresh. She explains that she had a break-up with Suresh. She asks Niyati not to inform Suresh, else he would never move on in his life. Niyati feels upset for Falguni and Suresh’s incomplete love story.

Colors’ Valentines’ Special:
There will be a Maha Sangam episode on Valentine’s Day. Ahaan hopes to get Pankti back in his life. Pankti doesn’t return and instead follows a new path to turn independent. Tu Aashiqui, Udaan and Savitri Devi shows will be merged. The stories will be integrated into the celebrations episode. Imli and Ranvijay perform in the party and show their romantic side. Ahaan sings out his feelings for Pankti, waiting for their union.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Devina frames Ira in the robbery. She manages to fool Akhilesh and get the locker keys from him. Ira gets trapped when Devina sells off the jewelry and blames her for eyeing their property. Pushpa believes in Ira. Pushpa doesn’t hold any wrong opinion about Ira. Devina then produces fake evidence against Ira. Ira tells Pushpa that Devina is cheating them. The jeweller testifies against Ira. Akhilesh takes a stand for his wife.

Meri Durga:

Gayatri supports Durga. She wants Durga to run in the race and win to prove her talents. She expects Durga to make them proud. Gayatri trains Durga by all her heart. The families wish Durga for her victory. Aarti’s dad gets angered by the humiliating. He wants to take revenge from Gayatri and Durga. He plans to harm Durga. He calls up Durga and informs her that he has kidnapped her entire family, and he will kill them if she runs in the race. He says you will be losing one family member for every 50 metres she covers in the race. Durga receives a big shock.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori settles back in Bhanushali family. Shorvori experiences motherhood. She had this dream in her eyes since long. She has got Teni in their lives as a surrogate, only to get a child. Shorvori rejoices the moments. She is living life on other’s terms. She feels bad that she has to stay away for Parth. She ends her sorrow by being with her daughter. She is happy that Lord has given her which she didn’t expected. She is grateful that she could get another chance to live with Parth and their daughter.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:
Janki organizes Daali’s Swayamvar. While he briefs her about the guys he invited for her Swayamvar, Daali doesn’t seem to be interested. Janki tells her that he has found the suitable guy for her. Daali doesn’t like Janki’s horrible choice. She finds the candidates too boring and older. Janki wants someone educated, confident and loving for Daali. Kanhaiya prepares Daali for the Swayamvar. She plans to give a big shock to Kanhaiya. She rejects all the guys. Daali mistakenly puts the garland in Kanhaiya’s neck. She plans to trouble Kanhaiya for his mischief.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay and Bulbul do the Shiv puja on Maha Shivratri. They visit the village and pray along everyone in the temple. Vijay prays that Bulbul doesn’t leave from his life. Bulbul prays that Vijay leaves from his life and moves on with Mandira. She wants to see Vijay happy with Mandira. She has made her mind to leave him forever. Vijay finds her upset. He tries his best to stop her. He wants to reveal the entire truth and leave the decision on her. Mandira also does the puja to pray for Vijay. Bulbul learns the entire truth about Vijay and Mandira’s past. Bulbul threatens Mandira that she will expose her lies to Vijay. Mandira challenges her to go ahead and try if she can make Vijay against her. Bulbul determines to end Mandira’s game.


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