TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Satya and Susheel get married. Dada ji is relieved that Susheel’s marriage didn’t stop. He gets emotional when he does Susheel’s bidaai. He doesn’t know Satya’s intentions yet. The family promises Susheel to support her always. Susheel will try to end the enmities between both the families.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya’s behavior changes post marriage. Choti Thakurain tells Diya about the first rasoi rasam. Diya didn’t know her life will change so much. Choti Thakurain reminds Diya the seven vows of marriage. She asks Diya to think of Ratan’s happiness. She says this cloth with seven knots will make you remember the vows. Ratan hides under the bed and hears the conversation. He makes fun of Diya. He says everyone has confidence on Diya, but Diya won’t be able to do anything, she is a bad cook. He learns Diya is doing to make his favorite dish. He fears that Diya will make a terrible dish and make him hate his choice. He thinks of informing the chef to help Diya.


Colors’ Mahasangam:

Colors’ superhit shows will have a merger. Ahaan’s birthday will be celebrated. Ahaan and Pankti’s romance will be seen after a long time. Ahaan would imagine Pankti and perform on a romantic number. Sanchi and Veer perform on SRK-Kajol’s song and show their style. Veer has hope that he will win Sanchi’s love. Aarohi dances in a mysterious fashion. Deep doubts if she is Tara or Aarohi. Deep and Aarohi have a romantic dance. Parth, Shorvori and Teni also add up entertainment. Ahaan hopes Pankti comes back and revives him. Harman finds Ahaan lost and sad. Harman encourages Ahaan. He wishes Ahaan for the birthday and cheers him. He tells her that Pankti will really come and end his wait. Harman along with others try to unite Ahaan and Pankti. Deep and Aarohi find Pankti. They arrange a video call and make Ahaan and Pankti communicate. Pankti attends the birthday party in a disguise. She leaves a gift for Ahaan.


Suraj attempts to kill Chakor again. Chakor reveals the truth to him. She tells him that she has killed Bhaiya ji to punish him for his sins. She reminds him that Bhaiya ji has tried to kill her, and succeeded to kill her child. She tells him that Bhaiya ji has killed his own heir because of revenge. She justifies herself. Suraj stops himself from attacking
on Chakor. Chakor asks Suraj to think of the past and clear the dirt Imli has fed in his mind.


Neela’s mourning ceremony goes on. Police arrives to arrest Prakash for Neela’s murder. Neil gets a huge shock. Commissioner tells Neil that he has enough evidence against Prakash. The family asks commissioner not to arrest Prakash. Shweta and Bebe break down. Prakash surrenders and feels guilty. Neil and Avni want to help him.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki’s family faces new problems. Nimki returns home after getting troubled by her in-laws. Ram Bachan visits the haveli and learns Singh family has left Nimki. He understands Nimki lied to them till now. He tells the family that Babbu won’t come to take Nimki. He says they asked us to send Nimki back if we want, but we won’t welcome her happily. Nimki gets hurt. She asks him why did he go there, do they have any self esteem or not. Mahua tells her that villagers are taunting Ram Bachan about her stay in Maayka, they are asking when will she go back. Nimki asks who are they to ask about my stay in my Maayka. Nimki gets upset. Nimki realizes her lies are known to her family now. She was lying that Babbu and everyone love her a lot, and Babbu was surely come to pick her. Her hopes break down.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Adhiraj and Devi spend some quality time. Adhiraj expresses love to her. He wants to impress Devi by fulfilling her expectations. He proves that he is not less than any city smart guy. Adhiraj initially gets jealous with Virat. He then takes it in his stride and improves himself. Adhiraj’s modern take on romance surprises Devi. Adhiraj gives her a rose. Devi tells him that she also got a rose for him.

Ek Deewana Tha:

Shiv and Sharanya will be seen celebrating valentines’ day in their flashback scene. Shiv gets upset with Sharanya. She gets singing a romantic song and dancing round. She plans a big surprise to celebrate love with Shiv. Shiv and Sharanya’s cute moments will be seen. Vyom will learn about Sharanya’s love for Shiv, when she asks Shiv’s spirit never to leave her. Sharanya wants Shiv in her life, while Vyom can’t stand Shiv, even if he returns as a ghost.


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