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Avni to learn Vidyut’s clever layout in Naamkarann

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Vidyut calls up Avni and pressurizes her to meet him just once. Ballu fears for Vidyut heading towards his destruction. He calls up Neil and tells him that he can give him enough evidence against Vidyut. Ballu is ready to get Vidyut arrested, knowing Vidyut won’t spare his life by his madness. Neil gets convinced that Ballu isn’t lying. He agrees to collect the evidence from Ballu. He gets hopeful of throwing Vidyut behind the bars. Avni meets Vidyut and gets a huge shock when Vidyut replays Neela’s murder in front of her eyes. Vidyut explains how he has made Prakash shoot Neela by deceive.

Vidyut tells Avni that he is the one who had plotted Neil’s murder, but Prakash had killed Neela. Avni doesn’t believe him. She tells him that his crimes will make him land in jail. She reprimands him for snatching her mum. She wants to do justice. She threatens to ruin him. Vidyut produces an evidence to prove himself. Avni watches the video recording.

Avni learns Vidyut had hypnotized Prakash into shooting at Neil, and how Neela got shot during her attempt to save Neil’s life. Vidyut asks Avni to believe him, he just wanted revenge from Neil. He tells Avni that he couldn’t hurt her by snatching Neela. He tells her that he can tell the entire truth to police and take the blame on him, only if she marries him. He threatens her about Neil and his family. He asks her to make a wise choice.

He tells her that if she refuses to his proposal, then Prakash will be landing in jail. He asks her to accept his love once. He begs her to marry him. He tried hard to convince her. He tells her that Neil can never understand her as much as he does. He asks Avni to save her family from getting destroyed. He leaves the decision on her.

Avni gets scared by his madness. She falls in a big dilemma. The family waits for Avni. Avni comes back in an injured state and tells them about the storm she faced. She doesn’t want Prakash to suffer, since she knows he has not done the crime intentionally. She loses courage to tell them about Neela’s murder. The family encourages her to forget the sorrow. Vidyut gets sure that Avni will accept his proposal and save Neil’s family. Avni fails to find any evidence to prove Prakash’s innocence. Vidyut pressurizes Avni further by sending police to arrest Prakash. What will Avni decide? Keep reading.






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