Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

Anami-Madhu’s happy meeting next in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh : Adhiraj wishes Anami on her birthday. He informs her about Madhu, who has come to meet her with difficulty. Anami gets prepared to go and meet Poonam. She hides from Satrupa. Satrupa asks Anami if there is any problem. Anami tells her that she has to go out for shopping. Satrupa asks her to go after the puja. She wishes her on her birthday. Avdhoot plans to play the recording to ruin Satrupa and Anami’s bond. He goes a step ahead to fulfill his motives. Anami and Satrupa take part in the prayers conducted. Anami fulfills the ceremony. She prays for meeting Madhu once. Madhu gets inside Lal Mahal to meet Anami.

Anami and Poonam cover up and safeguard Madhu from Satrupa or anyone else’s sight. Anami meets her mother and gets glad. Dadi asks Anami to come with her. Anami lies that Madhu is her neighbor, who has come from her city, just to wish her. Anami manages to take her to room. Madhu gets glad seeing Anami’s respect in Lal Mahal. She feels Anami deserves all the honor and love.

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Anami falls down on the stairs. Satrupa and Madhu run to save Anami. Satrupa doubts on Madhu. Madhu feeds the special kheer to Anami. They have an emotional moment. Madhi wishes her and spends some time with her. They succeed to trick Satrupa till Madhu makes a leave. Anami goes through an emotionally down phase. She badly misses her family. Poonam helps Madhu leave.

Dadi and Satrupa present good dresses and jewelry for Anami. They ask Anami not to let down their expectations, her attire will signify their honor too. They try hard to convince her to get decked up like a doll. Anami doesn’t understand what to wear. Adhiraj calls her up to ease out the problem. He guides her and also gets help from her. He thanks her for helping him select his attire. She thanks him for helping her on time. They both become each other’s support. Anami looks forward to meet him in the birthday bash. Avdhoot calls the media to ruin Satrupa and Anami’s happiness and honor.


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