Avni’s spirit to accomplish her tasks in Naamkarann


Avni erases her identity to begin her new life. She gets rid of all her memories. She does her own Shraddh ritual. She wants to get away from her loves ones for their betterment. Avni misses Neil. She thinks of trapping Vidyut in his own plan. She realizes how she has got saved from the fire by her smart planning. She doesn’t want Vidyut to ruin Neil and his family. Avni took a big risk, and secured herself and Mishti. She believes she is really a big curse for her family. She wants to see Neil and his family happy. She feels sorry to fake her death and hurt her family’s sentiments.

She takes the necessary step to leave the battle to put an end to it. Neil makes a plan to take revenge from Vidyut. He blames Vidyut for snatching Avni from him. He asks DD to help him kill Vidyut. DD refuses. He doesn’t want Neil to commit a murder. Neil’s family gets helpless seeing his madness.

Bebe asks Neil not to make them face another tragedy. She requests Neil to think for them once. Avni wants to keep her love vow. She is ready to sacrifice her happiness. Avni visits Vidyut and scares him as a spirit. Avni tells him that she has come back to him, and wants to take him along. Avni instils fear in him. She asks him to prove his immense love by coming to her and leaving the world. Vidyut hides from her. She asks him to surrender to her, else she won’t leave him ever.

Vidyut gets terrified when her spirit follows him. He doesn’t know where to run and where to hide. Neil gives up his plans of killing Vidyut for his family’s sake. Ali shoulders support to Neil in his sorrowful phase. They cry out their grief. Neil feels miserable. He tells Ali that he can’t live without Avni. Avni succeeds to frighten Vidyut. Vidyut will be admitting his crimes and land in jail. The show will take a 10 year leap. Avni will be taking a new identity of Jhanvi.


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