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Sasural Simar Ka:
Avni will marry Piyush. Avni and Hema got into Bharadwaj house to loot away the money and jewelry. Avni has developed true feelings for Piyush. Sameer asks Bhairavi about Sanjana and Simar. Bhairavi tells him that Sanjana is unwell, and Simar has taken her to hospital. Mata ji and Prem miss Simar in the function. Sameer suspects Bhairavi’s plan. Avni and Piyush exchange the garlands. Simar and Sanjana take a disguise of waiter and come home to stop the wedding. Simar plans to expose Hema’s truth. Bhairavi hurries to finish the rituals. She takes Mata ji’s permission to perform the ghatbandhan. Mata ji gets helpless to carry the rituals without Simar.


Later on, Ranvijay finds Chakor with Manju. He catches them and scolds Manju for spying on him on Chakor’s behest. He slaps Manju angrily. He asks Chakor how dare she send a spy in his haveli. Chakor asks Manju to run away. She doesn’t want Manju to fall in trouble. Ranvijay says Manju doesn’t know, whoever cheats gets death punishment. Chakor says you have to kill me first, you can’t shoot Manju. Suraj stops Ranvijay and fights with him. He says Imli will kill you if you kill Chakor.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Teni celebrate the valentines, along with Shorvori. The trio happily celebrate the valentines. Parth dances with hos two wives. They show much understanding between them. The family gets much surprised seeing them balancing with lives with maturity and bonding.


Soumya’s courage breaks down by Kareena’s taunts. Soumya does the tough puja for Harman’s life. She wants to save Harman from danger. She wants to see Harman fine. She feels sorry that her mistake has put Harman’s life in danger. Soumya wants Harman to regain consciousness. Soumya bears the troubles. Chintu accompanies her to the temple. He removes the thorn from her feet. He gets angry when Raveena and Kareena insult Soumya. He takes a stick and asks them to leave, else he will beat them. Soumya stops Chintu. Soumya completes the puja. She repents for hurting Harman’s heart.

Laado 2:

Anushka makes her friend trap Rantej in their plan. Anushka gets unconscious Rantej to a doctor. The doctor tells Anushka that he has treated many such animals, but the operation will be permanent. Anushka doesn’t want Rantej’s state to change. Anushka tells the doctor how much crimes Rantej committed, how he has ruined lives of many girls. She expresses her sorrow. She wants to get justice for Jhanvi and other girls, who were killed by Rantej. She wants Rantej and his brothers to get punished. She says Rantej shouldn’t be a man enough that he does any crime again, if such criminals don’t think before ruining someone’s life, why should we think so much. She asks doctor to begin the operation.






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