Simar takes a new disguise to return in Sasural Simar Ka


Avni will marry Piyush. Avni and Hema got into Bharadwaj house to loot away the money and jewelry. Avni has developed true feelings for Piyush. Sameer asks Bhairavi about Sanjana and Simar. Bhairavi tells him that Sanjana is unwell, and Simar has taken her to hospital. Mata ji and Prem miss Simar in the function. Sameer suspects Bhairavi’s plan. Avni and Piyush exchange the garlands. Simar and Sanjana take a disguise of waiter and come home to stop the wedding. Simar plans to expose Hema’s truth. Bhairavi hurries to finish the rituals. She takes Mata ji’s permission to perform the ghatbandhan. Mata ji gets helpless to carry the rituals without Simar.

Bhairavi wants to kill Simar and Sanjana. They have to reveal Bhairavi’s truth to the family. Bhairavi and Hema lay this trap to trouble Simar and Sanjana. They are not aware of Simar’s smartness. Simar doesn’t get identified by them. She cleverly reaches Mata ji, Sameer and Prem to expose Bhairavi.


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