Avni regrets to cheat Bharadwaj family in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar exposes Avni and Hema. She reveals Bhairavi’s plan to the family. She slaps Bhairavi and stops her wicked plan. Simar stops Piyush and Avni’s wedding rounds. Avni stays worried as she was helpless to cheat Piyush. The family identifies Simar, who dons a waiter’s look. Sanjana also helps Simar in exposing Bhairavi. Simar doesn’t let the wedding rituals complete. She calls off the wedding and sends the guests. She scolds Bhairavi. Hema and Bhairavi come with a drama and faint down. Simar tells them that Bhairavi’s game ended today.

Simar then confronts Avni. Simar slaps Avni. She asks Avni how can she take advantage of their love, feelings and trust. She asks Avni did she never feel bad to cheat Piyush, whom she considers as her friend. Avni tells Simar that she didn’t wish to marry Piyush, she is in love with Rahul. Avni is heartbroken after Rahul ditched her. Avni feels guilty that Rahul left her and pushed her to marry Piyush. She is scared of Bhairavi. She has to save Hema from Bhairavi. Avni is dutiful towards her mum. Avni tells Simar that she didn’t intend to marry Piyush and cheat them. She asks Simar to trust her. Simar tells Avni that she has lost all the earned respect. Bhairavi is the mastermind behind Avni’s wedding. Bhairavi will be playing new games against Simar.


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