Dadi to spoil KaiRa’s lovely bond in Yeh Rishta…

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Kartik takes a stand for Dadi. He holds Naira responsible for putting them in such a situation. He blames Naira. He tells them that Naira is at fault. Naira asks Kartik how could he tell this. She gets miffed with Kartik. Kartik doesn’t let Suwarna stop Naira. Naira decides to leave with Naitik. She heads back to Singhania house. Naitik feels sorry that the matter went out of their control. Naira feels Kartik was much upset and reacted in such a way. She knows Dadi is the reason for her problems. Naira hopes Kartik gets her home. Kartik doesn’t stop her and hands over her phone. She gets disheartened. Suwarna worries for their relation which gets on verge of breaking. Naira returns to her parents’ house with a heavy heart.

Dadi feels someone’s evil eye has caught Kartik. Suwarna blames Dadi for breaking Naira and Kartik’s happiness. She asks Dadi how can she force her perception on someone’s relation. Dadi doesn’t change her thinking.

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Suwarna asks Dadi to think of Naira for once. She tells Dadi that she can do anything to save Kartik and Naira’s relation. She decides to call Dadi’s elder sister Jiji home. She knows just Jiji can teach a lesson to Dadi. Singhanias worry when Naira returns home. They feel Naira shouldn’t have come back. Aryan finds the family too occupied with Kartik’s problem. He feels bad that Kartik always gets importance. Suwarna tries to talk out to Kartik and make him understand that ego shouldn’t enter a love story. She asks him not to get ego issues between his relation.

Kartik wants Naira to understand him. She asks him to understand what Naira is going through. She tells him that he shouldn’t break Naira’s trust. Kartik misunderstands Naira. He feels too hurt. Suwarna consoles him.

Dadi realizes Kartik is much upset. She gets informed that her sister is coming home. She wants Naira back at home. She fails to ask Kartik to get Naira back. She decides to get Naira back and set things fine. She doesn’t want all her efforts to go in vain. Naira performs dance and vents out her anger. Dadi goes to Singhania house and requests Naira to come back since her sister is coming home. Naira gets surprised. Dadi reaches her for her personal greed again. She doesn’t care for Naira’s emotions. She asks Naira to keep their respect. Naira refuses to obey Dadi. She finds Dadi too selfish to just think of her. She is hurt about Dadi’s interference in Kartik and her relation. Naira then welcomes Dadi’s sister before anyone else.







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