Uma’s makeover to surprise Kanak in Tu Sooraj…


Uma decides to change himself for the better. He drops Kanak at Rathi house. Bhabho blesses Uma for his new endeavors. Uma asks Bhabho to take care of Kanak. He vows to remarry Kanak after 12 days. He tells Kanak that he will earn success and deserve to become her husband. The family feels happy seeing the good change in Uma. Uma wants to become responsible and loving person. He asks Kanak to live with her family till he returns. Uma and Kanak get away for few days.

Kanak wishes him all the best for his new start. Uma returns home. He starts missing Kanak. Kanak meets Arpita and tells her about Uma’s medicine patent issue. She seeks Arpita’s help regarding Meera. Arpita advises her and asks her to file a case against Meera if she denies to leave the patent. She assures her help to Kanak. Uma fixes an appointment with Meera.

Kanak goes to meet Uma. She finds him dressed in formals and compliments him. She gets happy with his new look. He tells her that he has to change many things. He tells about his appointment with Meera, who owns the patents of his medicines. Kanak tells him that she has come to tell the same to him. He knows Meera can make him successful.


Kanak asks him to give his best and succeed. She gives her best wishes to him. Uma reaches to meet Meera. Kanak buys a new phone for Uma. Uma too buys a phone for himself. Kanak plans to surprise him. Uma proceeds to bring a change in him. Meera will become a hurdle in Uma and Kanak’s relation.


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