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Saisha goes missing just before her performance. Avni gets much tensed. She doesn’t know how to manage the kids. She wants to win the prize money. She gets helpless. She asks Sunehri to find Saisha. Sunehri tries to figure out where did Saisha go at this time. Avni goes to find Saisha. She wants Saisha to come on time. She wants to use the money to hire a good lawyer and win the house. Avni gives courage to the kids. She doesn’t want anyone to worry.

Ikyawann: Leela does a cat act in front of everyone. She crawls like a cat while making animal sounds. Everyone cheers for Leela. Leela makes sure that everyone gets enchanted by her act. Everyone celebrates Kiran’s birthday in a grand way. Satya and Susheel throw the surprise for Kiran. Kiran makes a wish for Susheel. She tells everyone that she likes Susheel a lot, she wishes Susheel always stays with her. She is happy that Susheel has taught her many things. Leela is acting good to get the memory chip from Susheel. She is scared that Susheel will leak her wicked past and crimes to Satya. She doesn’t want Satya and family to know her bad side. She wants her family to love her and also stay in control. Leela doesn’t do anything without any reason.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:


Mandira has tried to separate Vijay and Bulbul. Now, Anant also troubles Vijay. Anant plays a trick. He buys an office for Vijay. He has a bigger plan. He knows Vijay and Mandira’s affair news. He plans to give back his pain to Vijay. Vijay doesn’t know Anant’s plan. He likes the surprise. Anant tells him that life always gets surprises, this is nothing, see what happens with you ahead, you will know what I have planned for you. He doesn’t forgive Vijay. He asks Vijay to prepare a speech and go for the party campaign.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

After the long fight, Naina tells the three magical words to Sameer. Naina and Sameer make a love confession. They have a cute moment depicting the love of old era. After the love confession, their lives will be seen having big twists. Naina and Sameer will be parting ways.

Udaan, Laado, Dil Se Dil Tak and Savitri Devi Holi special Mahasangam:

Udaan, Laado 2, Dil Se Dil Tak and Savitri Devi will be having a Mahasangam. The couples head to the temple and pray for their peace, prosperity and love. They all get to hear good tales about the divine couples. Suraj and Chakor take blessings from pandit. Teni and Parth also reach there and show their beliefs in the tale. Ranvijay learns what’s happening inside the temple. He doesn’t enter the temple. He sees Suraj and Chakor doing some rituals together and worshipping. He finds it a good chance to prove Suraj’s lie. He makes Suraj and Chakor’s video to send to Imli. Chakor talks to Anushka. She doesn’t see Ranvijay there. Ranvijay wants to expose Suraj and get him punished.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya thinks she shouldn’t wear Maasa’s jewelry as she is getting away from Ratan. She is breaking the marriage. She feels she doesn’t deserve the jewelry. She wants to refuse for the rituals. Ratan suggests her that she should ask of skin allergy so that Kakimaa gets convinced. Diya likes his plan. Ratan supports Diya in her lie. They both decide to lie to the family about their divorce. Diya gets happy when Ratan acts as an ideal husband. Ratan applies color to Diya so that the family assumes Diya to be having some sort of skin allergy. He wants to help Diya.


Preeto makes Soumya’s birthday celebrations plan. She does aarti and blesses Soumya. She doesn’t want Soumya to go from the house. Harman asks Soumya to leave. Preeto makes an excuse and stops her at home. She tells Harman that Soumya is his nurse and doctor asked her to stay for some more days. Soumya takes care of Harman as his nurse. Harman asks her what’s her age, since when is she working. He tells her he knows a woman’s age shouldn’t be asked. He has lost his memory. Raavi and Shanno are happy that he has forgotten Soumya. Raavi wants Harman to get fine. She loves Harman a lot and tells Preeto that she will help her in making Harman regain his memory. Harman wishes Soumya on her birthday and gives her a rose. Soumya gets happy.


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