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Meri Durga: Durga suggests Gayatri that they should not show up the jewelry. She protects Gayatri’s jewelry from the goons. They try to take a house on rent. Gayatri wants a house near the academy, so that they can support Durga well. Neelkant faces the humiliation. He doesn’t like the taunts of the agent. Gayatri chooses a house and pays the advance. Neelkant doesn’t like the small place. Even though, he adjusts for family’s sake. Gayatri gives the jewelry to Sanjay and Durga. She asks them to sell off the jewelry and arrange money. Durga feels bad to sell Gayatri’s ancestral jewelry. Yashpal has no idea about Durga and Sanjay’s problems. He praises Durga for making everyone proud.



and Naira decide to participate in the third round. Kartik wins the round, without caring for Dadi’s interference. Dadi gets answered for her small thinking. Adaa makes it clear that both husband and wife should have equal place, doing each other’s work doesn’t make anyone lower or higher in respect. She tells them that just the couple should decide their dominance, without considering what others believe. Kartik too wants Naira and his decisions for their relationship.


Shivay and Anika perform in the ceremony, along with the other couples. Rudra and Bhavya’s Raatjagga ceremony is celebrated well, without troubling Veer and Soumya. Omkara and Shivay ask Rudra to think about marriage again. Rudra asks them not to confuse him further. He sticks to his decision. Veer spoils the celebrations by sending a shocking news for Shivay. Shivay learns about the arrest warrant issued on Shakti’s name. He decides to deal with the matter. He arranges a bail for Shakti. He tells everyone that Shakti is the prime suspect in the mills fire incident. The family can’t believe that Shakti is the new suspect now.


Neil spots Avni on the stage after he saves Mogli. He assumes her to be his hallucination. Avni leaves with the kids. Neil gets heartbroken when Avni disappears. He realizes Avni will come every time he risks his life. KK comes to the event and finds Neil doing the stunt. He asks Neil to take care of himself and just do the stunts for his movie. He asks Neil to know his worth. He worries for Neil’s wound. Neil wishes to be left alone. Neil wants to feel Avni around. He wishes Avni could come to him and stayed for longer. Neil meets Mogli again. Mogli thanks him for saving his life. Neil asks him if he is hungry again. Mogli gives him the rose chosen by Avni. Neil finds some connection with Mogli’s caretaker.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi asks Ishita not to take any action against Nikhil, since the matter is old. Ishita asks her to realize the trauma she is going through. She encourages Ruhi to beat Nikhil and address the issue. Romi looks for Mihika. He learns she has gone to market. He plans to surprise her by his charm. Romi meets Mihika and helps her. The people misunderstand him for eve teasing. Romi asks Mihika to tell them that she is his wife. The crowd gets angry on him. Mihika saves Romi in final minute. She makes Romi lift all the bags. Romi and Mihika relive their cute moments. Nikhil tries to corner Ruhi and scare her. Ishita protects Ruhi. She warns Nikhil against hurting Ruhi. She scolds him and tells him that they will be filing a complaint against him. Nikhil warns Ruhi against defamation.


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