Ripudaman’s emotional journey to end in Porus

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Ripudaman gets killed. Porus gets a big shock seeing his dad taking his last breath. Ripudaman has raised Puru as a mum and dad. Porus talks to him in his final moment. He cries for his death. He removes each arrow pierced in his body. Lachi asks Porus not to call himself an orphan, as Anusuya is alive. Porus tells her that Ripudaman is his dad and mum, everything else is just a lie for him. He considers himself an orphan, who lost everything. She asks what about Anusuya. He says she is my mum and will go along with me. He vows to protect her.

Porus does Ripudaman’s last rites. He doesn’t know who’s the attacker. He slips in shock. He believes Bamni has just given him birth, but Ripudaman has raised him as a real father. He tries to accept Ripudaman’s death. He doubts that Bamni is behind the attack on Ripudaman. He can’t understand how Bamni didn’t try to find Anusuya and Ripudaman, how could Bamni blindly believe Shivdutt. Porus will confront Bamni over his low sensibility. Ripudaman’s journey as a bold and brave warrior will come to an end.







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