A embarrassing chapter for Bhanushalis next in Dil Se Dil Tak


Kaki tells the family that Parth, Teni and Shorvori’s relation has insulted them. She creates a scene when the family name gets stained by the trio’s strange relation. She asks Dada ji to read the article. Dada ji feels humiliated by the bad language used for his family. The Bhanushali family loses its dignity. They read about Parth staying with his wife and mistress at home. Teni gets too upset hearing the shameful things against her. Parth tells Teni that he doesn’t care about society’s thinking, as they have decided to stay together.

He tells Dada ji that he just cares for the family’s feelings. Teni says media needs news to print, its their work. Kaki says its true, but our personal tale is known to the society now. She does an emotional drama. Bharat and Jalpa reveal to them that Priya has given this news to the editor. Bharat apologizes to them and says its all happening because of Priya. Teni angrily tears the newspaper. Indu calms her down. Teni then helps Indu in her work. The embarrassing thing leaves everyone speechless.


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