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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman gets on the verge of losing his senses. He feels sorry that he treated Adi like his employee. He wants to accept Adi as his son. He feels he has also neglected his duties as a father. He gets guilty that he has failed to be with his children in such times when they needed him the most. He feels his children would not forgive him. Thankfully, his children know about his illness and understand him. Simmi plants a lady Raina in Raman’s life. Raina blackmails Raman.


    Avni doesn’t want to be with Neil, as she feels she is the reason for all the pain in his life. She wants to get away with all the pain and sorrow. Avni gets a sinking heart and leaves Neil alone when he falls asleep. Saisha sings a romantic song and impresses KK. KK likes her talent and compliments her. Sunehri gets high and gets proposing DD. Tara suggests they should take Sunehri home. Neil wakes up after a while and finds himself alone. He doesn’t know who got him to the place. Avni finds some intruders in the house. She worriedly thinks of some solution. She hides from Neil.


    Kartik and Naira rescue the kids and also their family. They get police’s help to arrest Maharaj and his goons. The families learn about the problem in Rishikesh and worry. Dadi informs Akhilesh and others that everything got fine, all thanks to Kartik and Naira’s unity. The families rejoice Kartik and Naira’s patch up. Kartik and Naira decide to celebrate their anniversary together. Dadi apologizes to Naira. Kartik tells Dadi that he doesn’t feel same as her, he isn’t Naira’s puppet, but they are different and happy in their own relation. He asks Dadi to agree with them and accept their relationship. Dadi apologizes for her big mistake.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga and Sanjay spend some time together. Durga asks him not to worry that he will distract her, she will make him her strength to win in the nationals. Lakshmi spots them together and doesn’t realize that Sanjay is Durga’s husband. She assumes Durga to be having an affair with the academy watchman. She passes this crucial news to Tanvi, with a hope to destroy Durga’s image.

    Tanvi can’t believe it. She decides to use this information to get Durga expelled from the academy. Tanvi makes a dirty plan against Durga and Sanjay to expose them in bad light. Tanvi employs Lakshmi in her plan. They both call Durga and Sanjay at the same place to prove their affair to officials. Sanjay learns Durga got hurt and runs to meet her. He asks Durga is she fine. Durga tells him that she isn’t hurt. He shows her the note. They realize its someone’s conspiracy against them. Lakshmi thinks to inform Bhagat. Tanvi wants Bhagat to spot Durga with the watchman on her own.

    Bhagat doesn’t find see Sanjay with Durga. Durga manages to fail Tanvi’s plans. Tanvi and Lakshmi try to find Sanjay. Durga asks them to stop their cheap tactics. She challenges them to win the race by their talents. Bhagat focusses on Durga’s training. Durga doesn’t reveal that Sanjay is her husband. Palak gets a crush on him. Tanvi taunts on their choice to like a watchman. Bhagat boosts up Durga’s confidence. He gets a national winner to talk to the athletes and guide them more into victory. Durga gears up for her win. Aarti slips in depression. Her dad conspires to ruin Durga again.


    Veer has sent the little kid so that ShivOmRu’s life partners confront them. O’bahus do the unexpected and keep their belief in their spouses. They decide to find out who has sent the kid. They realize someone is intentionally spoiling their husband’s name. Veer tells Soumya that the kid will help them in their big motive. She doesn’t understand what’s Veer planning. He tells her that she isn’t so smart to know his plans. He dreams that O’bahus will leave their life partners and also Oberoi mansion when Aryan names one of Obros as his dad. Veer wants Obro’s marriages to break, so that they turn vulnerable with their better-halves. He is sure that Bhavya will not marry Rudra after suspecting him. Soumya dreams to wed Rudra. Veer is sure that O’bahus will leave the house. They stay at peace, which shocks Veer.

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