Saisha to question Avni’s pointless fears in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni have a hit and miss again. Neil takes the responsibility of Saisha’s birthday celebrations. Neil wins the children’s heart. Kids tell him that Nilanjana is ill. Neil goes to call her for cake cutting. Avni sees Neil and hides from him. She pushes the partition on him. Neil feels Nilanjana is weird. He wants to know more about her. He tries to meet her once, but she avoids him.

Avni sees her childhood in Saisha. She doesn’t want Saisha to have annoyance and anger in her heart. She wants Saisha’s childhood to be good. Saisha blames Avni for not letting KK come home. She gets angry on Avni. Avni asks Saisha does she hate her. Saisha asks Avni why does she spoil her life by her pointless fears. She asks Avni to get rid of fears and let them live life well.

Avni tells her that she does everything for her good. She asks Saisha to trust her. Saisha thanks her for ruining her birthday. Saisha doesn’t understand Avni’s perception. Avni feels lost. She doesn’t want Neil and KK to bond with the kids. Saisha’s wish stays unfulfilled. Saisha gets adamant. Avni can’t prove that she is right on her stance. Avni gets attacked by a goon. The goon locks Avni in kitchen. The kids are also held by the goons. The kids get scared. Will Neil turn into Avni’s savior again? Keep reading.


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