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Ishqbaaz: Veer adds Bhaang in the snacks and feeds to O’bahus to make them reveal Aryan. Rudra feeds the parathas with Bhaang to Soumya. He is sure that Soumya will reveal her intentions. Veer tells Anika that he has no plans against the Oberois. She finds it hard to believe. Anika asks him to confide if there is anything. Veer doesn’t tell her anything. Bhavya insists and feeds the spiked thandai to Obros. Veer also consumes the Bhaang. Everyone slips in an intoxicated state. Anika reminds Gauri that they have to find about Aryan’s background. She asks them to stay in senses as they have to make a leave from the mansion soon.


Neil finds Nilanjana similar to Avni. He gets a wish to meet her once. Mogli looks for Neil. Saisha asks Mogli not to call anyone superman. Neil gets emotional thinking of Mishti. KK sings a song and records the scene. KK doesn’t succeed to do well. He doesn’t express well and gives more takes. KK gets angry when the director asks him to emote well. KK asks Neil to help him in emoting well. KK tells Neil that his ex got married and even then he is not able to portray his pain on his face. Neil tells KK that he will realize pain when he loses his love. KK takes tips from him. KK asks Neil to help him out.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita believes Raman can never do any crime. She secretly follows Raman to deal with Raina. Ishita tries to end Raina’s matter forever. Raman meets Raina. She asks him to kill her husband and angers him. Raman tells her that he will better kill her and end her evil intentions towards her family. Ishita worries seeing Raman pointing the gun towards Raina. She can’t see this happen and asks Raman to stop. She asks Raman not to do this. She gets between the matter. Raman asks her to move away. Raina tells Raman that he can’t kill anyone, as he doesn’t have courage to do so. He gets more provoked. Simmi takes advantage of the situation and shoots down Ishita, while Raman believes he has shot Ishita in his madness.

Meri Durga:

Lakshmi breaks out Durga’s pregnancy news. She scares Durga of miscarriage. Bhagat learns that Durga is pregnant. He asks Durga is this true. He asks her to focus on her training and not waste the hard work. He encourages her to believe in herself. He has much hope seeing her courage and determination. He tells her that she can still do it. He leaves the choice to her. He feels she has cheated herself, her fate and her teacher. He explains her that her life has just one meaning, that’s to make a name in the running world. Durga doesn’t want to back out. She tells him that she is in dilemma because of the pregnancy, being a woman, she has to think of the child.


Kartik and Naira take care of the baby. They try hard to put the baby to sleep. They find the baby adorable and wonder how could anyone leave her. They face a difficulty to keep the baby clean. They feel like missing the baby once she goes. The baby bonds with them. Suwarna finds Aryan tensed and offers him help. She wants to solve his problem. Aryan then speaks up and tells her that he is in love with someone else. He asks her to promise that she will get him married to the girl she loves. Suwarna doesn’t back out and promises him. He tells her that if she helps him, he will believe that she loves him like she loves Kartik. She asks her to prove her love for her son and her true repentance. Suwarna doesn’t want to lose the chance to win Aryan’s heart.





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