Neil stuns all by singing his heart out in Naamkarann


Neil finds Nilanjana similar to Avni. He gets a wish to meet her once. Mogli looks for Neil. Saisha asks Mogli not to call anyone superman. Neil gets emotional thinking of Mishti. KK sings a song and records the scene. KK doesn’t succeed to do well. He doesn’t express well and gives more takes. KK gets angry when the director asks him to emote well. KK asks Neil to help him in emoting well. KK tells Neil that his ex got married and even then he is not able to portray his pain on his face. Neil tells KK that he will realize pain when he loses his love. KK takes tips from him. KK asks Neil to help him out.

Neil asks KK to understand the point and feel the pain from heart to emote well. Director asks Neil to do it once for KK’s sake and train him. KK requests Neil to do it once for him to copy. Neil sings the song in an intense way and impresses KK and all. Avni gets to see Neil’s performance. Neil imagines Avni. He lets his feelings flow out.

Neil’s perfect emotions get applauded. Neil cries out till the end of the song. Mitali supports him. KK feels he has much to learn from Neil. Neil’s song touches Avni’s heart. Mitali finds Neil in pain. Goons come to threaten Avni again. Saisha finds KK upset. KK feels low that he can’t enact well. He tells her that Neil has emoted so well when he isn’t an actor.

Saisha cheers him by showing him the tweets of his fans. She asks him to believe in himself and give his best. She tells him that she has done a diploma in acting and also won the gold medal. KK gets more impressed by her talents. Mitali tries to save Avni from the goons. She comes face to face to Avni. She can’t believe Avni is alive. Avni requests her to make Neil away from her. Mitali asks Neil to leave, she has to talk to Nilanjana about the goons.

Neil asks Mitali to feed the kada to Nilanjana, which can cure her soon. Mitali asks Avni why didn’t she tell Neil that she is alive. She asks Avni to answer her the reason of giving so much pain to Neil. Avni can’t clarify herself to Mitali. She asks Mitali never to reveal anything to Neil, as she has been away for Neil’s betterment. Mitali doesn’t understand why Avni has taken such a big decision. She asks Avni to realize her mistake of breaking so many hearts who love her. She feels Avni has done injustice with Neil. She tells Avni that Neil trusts her and she won’t hide this big truth from him. Avni explains her perception, how Vidyut was a threat to Neil and his family. She wanted to protect her family from Vidyut’s madness. Mitali demands to know everything since the start. She assures help to Avni.


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