Prithvi to put Karan and Preeta in trouble in Kundali Bhagya


Karan and Preeta get lost in the jungle. They get away from the family and spend the time together. They take shelter at some old shade. Karan realizes his feelings for Preeta. Karan turns cute and childish. Preeta also plays a prank on him. She scares him. Karan understands her acting and laughs on her. He proves his bravery. She tries her best to convince her ghostly act.

Prithvi raises a question on Karan and Preeta’s character. He doubts them to be having an affair. Sarla and Rishabh take a stand for Karan and Preeta. They have belief that Karan and Preeta can never cheat them by crossing their limits. Prithvi asks them if they can guarantee that Karan and Preeta don’t have any relation. Preeta will be posed to give an Agnipariksha to prove her true character. Rishabh gets miffed when Prithvi talks dirty about Karan and Preeta. He asks Prithvi not to dare say anything about his brother, whom he blindly believes.

Prithvi says Karan and Preeta enjoy each other’s company the most, and they are always together, when Preeta should have been spending time with her fiance, she prefers to be with Karan. Sarla gets upset with Prithvi. Rishabh asks Prithvi not to blame Karan and Preeta. Prithvi doubts that Karan and Preeta are just pretending to be friends to hide their illegitimate relation. Rishabh loses his cool on hearing ill about them. Prithvi vents out his frustration about Karan and is confident about his suspicion.


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