Teni tries to lessen complications in Dil Se Dil Tak

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Shorvori learns that Teni had written her name in the chit to make her win. She decides to tell the truth to everyone. Teni tells her that she has stepped back so that she gets her happiness, her rights, which she deserves. She says Parth belongs to just you, don’t tell anyone, I m asking for some time to explain everyone, I m doing this for Parth and your happiness, I need some time. Shorvori has a special bond with Teni. She tells Teni that she didn’t like it, this sacrifice has just made more complications. She asks Teni why did she get her home, knowing they will face this day. Teni tells her that she has gone away from Parth just to lessen the complications for the family.

Teni asks her to just stay as friends. Teni is sure that they will pass the initial phase of difficulties and then everything will get fine. Teni explains Shorvori that her step would be proved right some day. She understands Shorvori’s perception too. Teni also handled her insecurities to make this sacrifice. She is ready to step out of Parth’s life for his happiness.







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