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YRKKH: Kartik scolds Aryan for trying to commit suicide. He tells him that they have no more courage to see another suicide in their house. He reveals about Soumya’s suicide and the pain she left for the family. He gets broken up and scolds Aryan for his mad move. The family regrets for Aryan’s suicide drama. Naira too scolds Aryan and explains his mistake. Kartik asks Aryan to convince them and fight for himself, instead of giving up his life. He asks Aryan what would he get if he ends his life. Kartik tells Aryan that they will not tolerate this next time.


Veer goes to meet Soumya to know if she is in any trouble. Obros hide her in time and doesn’t let Veer sight them. Veer gets Soumya’s phone, but fails to see her in the room. He then asks Roop about Soumya. Roop tells him that Soumya won’t go anywhere without telling them. He thinks if Soumya is kidnapped. He doubts on Obros for disappearing Soumya. Anika and Gauri make Rudra’s Sehra and do their duty. Gauri tells her that everything will be fine. Veer threatens Anika and asks her why is she cheating him by revealing the plan to Shivay. He tells her that Soumya is missing and this is because she has leaked his plans to Obros.

Jiji Maa: Star Bharat

Uttara compels Gayatri to leave the house. She insults Gayatri and asks her not to win Suyash and Jayant’s sympathy. She tells Gayatri that she can never get a place in her family. Gayatri tells her that she didn’t come home to snatch her rights. Suyash doesn’t have any enthusiasm for his birthday. Gayatri tells him that she has made kheer for him which she liked a lot. Suyash doesn’t understand her. Everyone gifts Suyash on his birthday. Falguni thinks to surprise Suyash. Niyati tries to bring Suyash and Falguni together. Jayant praises Falguni and introduces her to a doctor, who treats women infertility. Falguni gets a hope that she can also have a child.

Falguni plans a surprise birthday for Suyash. She tells Uttara that Suyash will surely like the party thrown by her. Suyash gets happy meeting the chawl kids. Vidhaan and Niyati become the party hosts and fail to entertain the kids. Vidhaan asks Suyash to help him deal with the kids. He seeks Suyash’s help. Uttara finds the kids in the house and gets angry on Falguni. She gives sorrow to Falguni, by making her realize that she can never give a child to Suyash. Suyash likes the kids’ company. Gayatri also plays with them. Uttara reminds Gayatri about leaving the house. Uttara creates troubles for Gayatri. Suyash finds Gayatri in a problem and runs to save her from getting hurt. Gayatri feels blessed to have a son like Suyash.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita share some light moments. He worries for the attack on her. She tells him that she knows very well that he can’t be with her all the time. He decides to be with her like her shadow. She asks him not to weaken him by such support. He tells her that he wants to become his strength. He remembers the moment when Pihu has handcuffed them before. Ishita tells him that he is regaining his memory and this is a good sign. She thinks once he feels this improvement, he will get confidence in him. He tells her that he will never leave her hand and be with her. They have a moment of togetherness. The family praises Ishita for her smartness and alert behavior.


Neil gets Avni to his hotel room. He keeps her identity a secret on her saying. He feels cheated and gets angry on her for lying to him. Avni tries to explain him, but he doesn’t listen to her. He checks the DVD and realizes the shadow seen in the video is similar to that of Dayavanti. Avni tells him that she has the same doubt. Neil tells her that many people lie about their death and existence and play games with others to fool around. He vents out anger on her. He wonders who is the woman when Dayavanti is dead.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Star Bharat

The lorry driver takes a disguise and meets Namrata as Seth ji’s man Rudra. Namrata continues to control Rahul’s mind by using the locket. The lorry driver gives the right code to Namrata and wins her trust. He accompanies her to search for shivling. Namrata sends Rahul to kidnap his dear ones. Rahul kidnaps Preeti, Pujari ji and Narendra on her saying. Namrata fools him that he is her love. Rahul believes her and tells her that he loves her a lot. Thakur and Gauri make a plan and meet Yashpal to reveal Namrata’s plan. Gauri tells them that they have to reveal the truth to Yashpal so that he can help them. Thakur gets a threatening call from Namrata. She asks him not to reveal anything to police. Yashpal asks Thakur to share the truth if he wants police to trust him. Namrata threatens him about killing the villagers. She tells him that Rahul has kidnapped the villagers on her word. Thakur gets helpless to run away from Yashpal. Thakur falls in Yashpal’s suspicion again.





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