TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Udaan: Chakor and villagers attend Imli’s organized mass marriage function with a motive to expose Imli. Kasturi acts dizzy. Chakor worries for her. She asks Imli does she not like seeing her mum like this. She seeks permission to take their mum to haveli. Imli gets stuck because of the media and allows them to go. Chakor leaves a letter for Suraj. Chakor shows Imli’s truth on the projector. Reporter says Imli’s bad truth is revealed now, she is selling girls by lying about marriage, what’s all this, how can Imli do this, how many girls did she sell till now.

Ministers also see the video and ask Imli about it. They ask if she is progressing the village this way by auctioning the girls. Imli says its all false, someone has framed me, its some misunderstanding. Ministers oppose Imli and cancel her election ticket in the party. They go to save the innocent girls. She asks them not to go in haveli. They all enter the haveli and save the girls from the auction. Imli loses to Chakor once again.

Dil Se Dil Tak:


Parth and Shorvori celebrate their wedding anniversary. They cut the cake and celebrate. Teni asks them to have a dance. She insists them. Parth and Shorvori have a romantic dance. Teni’s heart gets hurt. Parth feeds the cake to Shorvori and Teni. Shorvori gets sad and goes to her room. She sees Parth’s gift. She finds Teni’s bridal dress as the gift and sheds tears. Shorvori tells Parth that she can’t live by compromising in her marriage. She feels Parth and Teni have got her back just to give her much pain, it wasn’t needed that she gets place in their lives again. She speaks out and tells Parth that she can’t tolerate it now, she is getting burdened by other’s favors. She asks Parth to free her from the bond or send Teni away.


Neil gets Avni to his hotel room. He gets angry on the manager. Neil asks the manager why didn’t he arrange two single beds when he has already mentioned it clearly. Manager tells him that no rooms with such facilities are available. Neil asks him about KK’s room. Manager tells him that KK is not in his room. Neil asks Avni to show him the DVD. Avni tells him about her doubt about Dayavanti, After seeing the DVD, he also suspects Dayavanti is alive. He wonders how can Dayavanti be alive, when he knows she is dead. He then gets angry on Avni for mocking her death and announcing herself dead. He asks her how can she turn dead for him, whom she loves the most. He confronts her for adapting a new identity of Nilanjana.


Harman takes Soumya and Jasleen for sight-seeing. Jasleen tries to bring Harman and Soumya together. She clicks selfies with them. She asks Harman to be good towards his wife. They totally enjoy their tour. Soumya reaches the cliff and tries to commit suicide. She jumps down in the river. Harman and Jasleen worry for her. Soumya does a suicide drama to win Harman’s love. Harman jumps in the river and saves Soumya’s life. Soumya does this to win the challenge given to Harman. She wants to prove that he still loves her.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep finds Aarohi in trouble again. Aarohi lays a new web to trap him. She doesn’t know that Deep is doubting on her. She should have taken some time before executing her next move. She lies to Deep that Aarohi has attacked her and she has locked her up in the room. Deep, Roma and Prithvi assure her that Aarohi can’t do anything. Roma assumes Aarohi is Tara. She gets Nikku along and tells her that if Aarohi does anything to her, she will use Nikku against Aarohi.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Vansh sends a Gangaur gift for Kanak. Babasa tells Bhabho that another gift has come. Bhabho gets happy and thinks the other gift is also for Kanak, as Vansh loves Kanak a lot. She learns the other gift is from Uma for Saras. She gets much angry. She throws the gift out of the house. She says Uma has done wrong with Kanak, I will not let Uma’s gift come in this house. Kanak stops Bhabho. She gets Uma’s gift back. She tells Bhabho that its not Saras’ mistake, why should Saras bear their hatred if Uma did any mistake. She asks Saras to accept the gift.


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