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    This post is to inform our readers and all that we ( have started a new website in the e-commerce space. We have covered thousands of stories and hundreds of characters catering to online audience for Television shows in India. Our transition in starting a new price comparison website has brought its own set of new challenges, primarily with data, its scale and engineering. offers Price Comparison of mobile phones and tablets across e-retailers such as, Flipkart,; to start with and will add many other e-retailers in the days ahead. For example, if you want to know the prices and discount offers for Apple iPhone 8 and its variants (color, external memory) across e-retailers, you will get them aggregated at one place in a price comparison table. Furthermore, you could also find Certified Refurbished products in the same table. This will help you in making smart shopping choices and save money.

    Priceflier’s another core area is in curating products with big discounts in diverse and popular categories to offer curated deals (fashion, electronics, kids toys and gifts, books, entertainment, beauty, personal care among others) and Top deals pages for best offers on Mobiles and Tablets. With prime focus on user’s favourite brands and products, we intend to narrow the gap between user’s preferred choices with that of product offers and exciting deals from e-retailers.


    As we said earlier, the new challenge that arises from this venture excites us and we believe that stories today play a pivotal role in all walks of life. So, in this e-commerce space, there too will be stories and characters getting sourced and developed from brands, products, deals, consumer preferences, reviews and technology evolution but are expressed and presented in a very different format than we have for TV medium.

    Our goals towards is to make gradual progress in its day-to-day operations and also in data, design and performance improvements during these initial days. But since the e-commerce domain is a fast-growing one, we need to step-up the pedal, keep improving, innovating and growing to be able to meet the demands of our online audience. For us to realise this goal, we need your endearing and continued support. We promise to create engaging content and keep you updated on new products, specifications, deals, discounts, curated content, news and reviews.

    We also take this opportunity to thank our readers for their continued support with dedicated visits and engagement on Tellyreviews site over the last four years since our inception in February, 2014. Keep TellyReviewing and wishing you a great experience with

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