Shorvori feels guilty for Teni’s accident in Dil Se Dil Tak

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Parth faces a tough time when Teni meets with an accident. Parth worries about Teni’s life. They rush Teni to the hospital. Parth and Shorvori cry for Teni. Teni was mistaken by hearing their conversation. Parth wants to explain her that she isn’t unwanted or a burden on him. Teni gets critical after the head injury. The family reaches the hospital and learn about Teni. They pray for Teni’s well-being. Parth recollects the incident and gets disturbed. Shorvori too feels bad for Teni.

Parth asks the doctor about Teni’s condition. Doctor tells Parth that its tough to say anything about Teni’s critical condition, she may survive or maybe not. Shorvori doesn’t want Teni to get hurt. She blames herself for everything. She feels she had thought bad about Teni, which led to this unfortunate thing. Parth calms down her worries. He tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong, it was just an accident, which could have happened with anyone. He tries to become Shorvori’s strength in such tension.

Shorvori feels bad that she has said wrong things regarding Teni. She regrets for her words. She tells Indu that Teni is in hospital bearing this pain because of her. Everyone wants Teni to come back to them. Shorvori explains Parth that she didn’t mean to break Teni’s heart, she just wanted three of them to stay happy, but Teni didn’t listen her clarification. She wishes she could explain Teni about their stand.







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