Naamkarann: Saisha’s big lie to embarrass Avni-Neil

heartbreaking Neil Avni

Saisha’s engagement and Roka ceremony gets a big twist. The families are happy for Saisha and KK’s engagement. Avni and Neil get together for Saisha’s Roka. Avni tries to express her love to Neil. She imagines a romantic sequence with Neil. Kamini raises a question on Saisha’s parents. Kamini asks Avni about her husband. She tells Avni that Saisha has told her that her dad is a cop, working in Mumbai. Avni gets embarrassed to answer Kamini. Kamini creates a scene in the function. She starts scolding Saisha for her lie. She asks Avni if she isn’t Saisha’s mom, who is Saisha’s real mom and dad. She says my son KK is a superstar, I won’t let KK marry any orphan. She asks Saisha to tell the truth, where is her dad, why did she lie that her dad is too busy to attend the Roka. She demands Saisha to reveal about her real parents.

Saisha cries and tells Kamini that she lied since she doesn’t know about her real parents. Avni sees her childhood in Saisha. Saisha admits that she is an orphan. Kamini taunts Avni and Saisha for being illegitimate. Avni stops Kamini from insulting Saisha. Kamini cancels the engagement. She asks Avni not to justify Saisha. She asks KK and Rahil to see Saisha’s lie, she has cheated them, she is a gold-digger and wanted to get into KK’s life. Kamini and Avni have an argument. KK too turns upset with Saisha, as he didn’t imagine she would lie to him.

Neil feels bad when Kamini questions Saisha. He takes a step to support Avni and Saisha. Avni takes Saisha home. Avni confronts Saisha for lying to KK and his family. She asks Saisha why did she lie to make a relation, lies never lay the right foundation for any relation. Avni gets much annoyed. Saisha gets emotional and explains how helpless she was, as she has no idea who are her real parents. She asks Avni why didn’t she tell her about her parents before. Saisha justifies her lie. She didn’t wish to tell KK that she is an orphan. Avni and Saisha’s emotions get hurt after the engagement breaks up.

Saisha tells Avni that its not about Kamini and KK, she also wants to know about her parents, she doesn’t want to be called illegitimate by the society. Avni regrets that Saisha isn’t fighting with the society’s evil and instead losing out to them. She asks Saisha not to bear injustice. She reminds her teachings to Saisha.

She doesn’t want to tell Saisha about Vidyut and Juhi. She packs her bags and asks Saisha to return home with her. Saisha refuses to go. Avni raises a hand on her. Neil stops Avni from slapping Saisha. Avni gets emotional and breaks down. She asks Saisha to make her own identity and not let her sacrifices go waste.

She asks Saisha to realize her mistake and repent for it. Saisha feels sorry. Saisha has her own troubles to deal. She doesn’t want to lose KK. Neil assures Saisha that he is always there for her. Saisha hugs Neil and Avni. She will bridge their gaps.

Neil stays upset with Avni because of her lie. He is much frustrated and doesn’t want to talk to her. Neil didn’t forgive Avni till now. He appears normal in front of Saisha. Neil and Avni’s distance didn’t end. Avni tries to apologize to end his annoyance. Neil recollects their old memories. He asks Avni to stay away from him. He doesn’t take her help. She tells him that she can stitch the kurta button. He asks her not to expect anything positive, nothing can get fine between them. He asks her to leave from his life. Avni sheds tears of sorrow. Kamini will be turning negative and bringing troubles in their lives.


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