Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan feels remorseful to break Diya’s heart


Ratan doesn’t realize his love for Diya completely. He is still planning things that makes Diya hate her. He wonders why Diya loves him. He finds Diya’s lovely surprise. Diya sends the gifts for Ratan at office. Ratan cries and talks to Diya’s picture. He doesn’t feel suitable for her. He tells her that she is too perfect and he can’t complete her, he doesn’t deserve her at all. He wants Diya to be happy. He knows he can’t keep Diya happy.

He calls the jeweler and mortgages the ancestral ring. He asks the jeweler not to share his financial needs with anyone in the family. Ratan plans this so that the jeweler informs Diya about it. Kakusa likes Ratan’s drama. He tells Ratan that jeweler will surely inform Diya and then their work will be done. He asks Ratan to mortgage his engagement ring as well, as the ring doesn’t matter now. Ratan doesn’t like to part with his engagement ring. The jeweler meets Diya and tells her about Ratan’s mortgaging the ring for money. Diya worries for Ratan. She doesn’t understand why Ratan needs money suddenly. She decides to follow Ratan and know his plans.


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